HAOLIXIANG Disposable Masks Sanitary Pads (40 Pcs) x3 Packs

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HAOLIXIANG Disposable Masks Sanitary Pads (40 Pcs) x3 Packs

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Independent packaging for hygiene
Increase the number of masks used
Maintain hygiene inside the mask

1. After washing your hands, tear open the packaging film to take out the product
2. Unfold the mask pad and remove the sticker
3. Align the mask pad with the center of the mask, and press the adhesive to stick it in the mask to prevent slippage

• The gasket is used to block the fly
• The effectiveness of gasket protection depends on the effectiveness of the mask
• To ensure product efficiency, the gasket should be replaced regularly
• Please place carefully when replacing, do not touch the surface layer of the mask with your hands
• The outer layer of the mask must not touch the inner gasket